Mahan Cool

Mahan cold air conditioning
Mahan Sarma Refrigeration Air Conditioning produces all kinds of fin plate air exchangers such as hot water coil, cold water coil, steam coil, direct expansion coil (DX), condenser coil and all kinds of air conditioning, cold storage and refrigerator systems including chiller, air conditioner, split duct, It is a fan coil, condenser and evaporator of a cold store, etc.

The production line of air exchangers produced by this company is equipped with the latest automatic machines, including fin press, horizontal and vertical expander machines, straighteners, U-ports, Herpin ports, automatic welding machines, etc.

The presence of these machines in the production line of these converters, along with experienced and expert personnel, guarantees the quality of the performance of these converters, and the wide range of converters in different sizes produced by this company will answer the calls of customers.

In addition to the general and special uses of air conditioning and cold storage, the air exchangers produced by Mahan Sarma refrigeration are also used in industrial uses such as petrochemical, power plants and refineries.